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Home FAQs How does my "best-bidder" discount coupon work?
How does my "best-bidder" discount coupon work?  E-mail

Pending your online registration, you may be offered certain periodic promotions by the property sellers to encourage potential buyer/bidder participation and feedback. 

Here is what is currently being offered by the sellers for this particular auction:

Register today for the upcoming 5 Day Sale Auction
of this Waterville Valley Condo to be eligible for the
gift certificate for two (2) Waterville Valley Season Passes
awarded to the "Best Bidder"!

In such cases, a certificate will be emailed to those responding to the “periodic” promotions and they will be given “Best-bidder” discount coupon that can be redeemed when – and if – the named recipient of the “Best-bidder” discount coupon is awarded the sale after the “Round Robin” bidding session, the property is put under contract, and the "best bidder" closes on the property.


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